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tHE "TOUGH JOB" specialists

Big Cutt has a well-earned reputation for tackling jobs that are complex and risky.We do not take unnecessary risks, rather we approach even the most difficult job with a careful assessment based on years of hands-on experience. That's why we are comfortable taking on jobs other companies refuse.

Expert Tree Service Protects Your Property

Big Cutt Tree Services

Site Cleanup

stump grinding

Correct grinding of unsightly stumps is one of our specialties. We take the extra time and effort to get it deep and clean, even close to fence lines and structures. 

cat up a tree?  call us.

Not to worry. We often receive frantic calls from pet owners that their favorite feline is up a tree. We love cats, too, so we go the extra mile - or tree branch - to rescue wayward tree climbers.


Whether it's a dead, dying or storm-damaged tree, you need quick, efficient and experienced tree service to safeguard your home and property investment.  When you call Big Cutt, service begins with a thorough, fully explained estimate - in writing. On the job we are careful, expert, and waste no time. We finish with a cleanup process that is second to none. The  job isn't complete until you tell us you are satisfied.


Our customers are never disappointed after the job because we take extra care in cleaning up the site. Our goal is to restore the site to as good as - or better - condition it was when we arrived.

During the job, we take special care of the existing landscape, especially around patios, porches and near buildings. Big Cutt takes extra precautions to minimize the effect of heavy equipment on lawns. After the job, we cut and haul away every tree branch and section. Finally, we handle tree debris and disposal according to local land regulations.


We promise.