Before you hire a tree service … Ask a few questions.

​​​​Do you provide free estimates?

  • Big Cutt’s answer: Yes, we provide free, no obligation, estimates. Use the Contact Us form to set up an appointment or telephone us at 850.933.7283.   We now accept credit cards, in addition to checks or cash.

How do you estimate a job?

  • Big Cutt’s answer: Carefully. We visit the site; check terrain, power lines, proximity to buildings, fences, access, tree stability, work height and other site particulars. Then, we determine the equipment and manpower needed to complete the job, including proper  hauling from the site. For simple jobs, we can provide an estimate range on site. For more complex jobs, we will provide a written estimate usually within 48-hours.

Do your estimates show necessary versus optional tree services?

  • Big Cutt’s answer:  Yes. First, we list the service/costs you called us about and that are necessary. Then, we may recommend additional service – for instance, an unsteady limb over your house. You will know the difference, because we put it in writing.

Is a permit required to cut down and remove a tree?

  • Big Cutt’s answer:  Sometimes yes; sometimes no. It depends on local ordinances.

  • [We may have worked in your area before and are familiar with local regulations. However, property owners should check city/county ordinances or neighborhood associations for themselves just to be sure. Property owners are responsible for getting necessary permits.]

Is your company licensed?

  • Big Cutt’s answer:  Yes, we are registered as a LLC company with the Florida Secretary of State and operate in North Florida and South Georgia.

Is your company covered by liability insurance?

  • Big Cutt’s answer: Yes to both.  Big Cutt Tree Service carries $1,000,000 general liability insurance. This policy protects you, the property owner, our workers and us. We’ll happily provide documentation; just ask.

Do you offer a guarantee?

  • Big Cutt’s answer: Yes, 100%. Customer satisfaction is the foundation of our business. If you aren’t completely satisfied, you don’t pay us.

What about safety?

  • Big Cutt's answer: Our employees wear protective gear on the job.

Can you provide references or can I see your work?

  • Big Cutt’s answer: Absolutely!  We provide a list of references to prospective customers. Plus, we plan to feature photos of completed jobs on our website soon. In the meantime, we have photos we'll gladly share.