Born in Tallahassee, Florida, I started in the tree business at a very young age, learning the “old school way” at just age 15.  Back then, with much blood, sweat and tears, you climbed trees without all of the fancy gadgets and tricks, and had to hump the wood out of back yards with pure strength.  While safety was always the main concern, it was during these tougher years, prior to the age of bucket trucks and cranes, that I developed a strong work ethic and great instincts for tree trimming and removal.  It’s the good sense that you earn from years of doing it yourself, and not from quick crash courses on the Internet.  There are some things that you just can’t rush, and are only achieved from years of experience in seeing what actually works.

Over a 25-year span, I have worked as a tree climbing specialist and job coordinator for small and large companies throughout the North Florida area.  On hundreds of sites - in good weather and bad - I've tackled simple tree trimming to complex site clearing.  I‘ve seen a lot in my years and really strive to cater to my customer’s requests, no matter how unique…from midnight storm damage, antennae installation in the tallest pines,  to assisting small towns hang Christmas wreaths in the town square. I'm a seasoned professional with a talent for tree service. And, I love what I do.

I take pride in being able to perform the services personally, from running tree bids to ensuring each job is done correctly, because I am the actual tree climber.  With Big Cutt Tree Service, LLC, you won’t be speaking with a salesman who hasn’t ever climbed a tree.  I want to make sure the customer doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of a bigger company. I strive to maintain the quality of service that fosters that “down home, small town, personal care” of service from my family to yours.

​As a business owner, my philosophy is rooted in respect for the customer, the property and the situation.  I expect the same from my employees and stake my reputation on it.

what this means for big cutt customers

You are assured that Big Cutt Tree Service LLC is fully registered and licensed to operate as a business.

We also carry liability and workman's compensation insurance that protect you - and us - if  there are property damages or injuries caused by our employees while on a job. Because we are fully covered, there are no risks to the property owner.

Licensed and Insured

Big Cutt Tree Service in Tallahassee


"Thank you for the fine job in cutting the Oak and dead Pine down next to my barn. You done a great job and will call you again when I have more to take down. Also told my neighbor as he has some to take down also."

Bob G.

​Tallahassee FL

August 2018

25 years of experience mean something

There's a reason I'm in the tree business.